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Wheatland County Economic Development recently joined the Grow With Google Partner Program. Many of the Google products and programming are a great way to aid business in the region to embrace the digital marketplace as well as discover the tools and power of Google's knowledge base to optimize your business digital workflows and communication engagement.

Through the Grow with Google Partner Program, Wheatland County Economic Development will be providing workshops and support to get ramped up understanding the tools, strategies and workflows. You will be ready to embrace the digital marketplace and streamline your business with the help of Google.

Stay tuned and follow the WC social feeds, event calendar and this page for upcoming workshops.

Much of the business information first located by your customers are found through Google search results. You may have noticed that many in some of your searches that some business information hasn't been claimed by that business. If your business is one of them in Wheatland County we can help. 

There is a process by Google to claim your business content with Google My Business and by Wheatland County working with Google, we have an easier way.

We are a Google Trusted Verifier and with a site visit to your business and some listing content coaching, we can get you verified on the spot. 

Contact Economic Development today and set up a site visit appointment and we will help you use your Google My Business listing using very effective and creative ways.


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